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Image Coaching

I'm delighted to introduce you to StyleME, where your unique journey to personal style and self-assurance begins. I am Nicky, the heart and soul behind StyleME, dedicated to helping you uncover your true beauty and authentic style.

Our services are meticulously curated to empower you:

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Color & Shape



Ever wondered which clothes and colors really suit you? 🌈 Let's dive in! I'll help you discover those shades that make you glow naturally and outfits that'll boost your confidence.

Here's what's in store for you:

🎨 Your personalized color palette

👗 A wardrobe guide tailored just for you

👜 The ultimate accessories manual

🌟 Inspiration from your celebrity icon

And, as a special treat (for a limited time only):

🌈 The Color Combination Guide

Let's make your style shine!

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wardrobe styling

Ever thought about going shopping without even stepping out or swiping your card? Yep, it's totally doable with 'Shop-your-closet'! Together, we'll curate up to seven fab outfits (with accessories) from your own wardrobe. Plus, you'll get a snazzy digital lookbook showcasing all these amazing looks!

Here's what you'll get:

👗 Digital Lookbook

👖 Two casual outfits

👠 Two evening ensembles

👔 Two office-chic looks

👗 One knockout special occasion outfit

This service spans three fun-filled hours at your place. Need more time? We can work it out for an extra fee. Let's make your closet come alive!

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Personal Style



Hey there! Ever find yourself critiquing your daily look in the mirror? 🙈 Let's change that! With StyleME, your mirror reflection will be your best self – top-notch looks, guaranteed! ✨

Here's what you'll get:

🔍 Personal evaluation

🌈 Color analysis

👚 Style revelations

🔶 Body shape diagnosis 💇‍♀️ Haircut and style suggestions

👗 Best-fitting clothes and accessories

🌟 Inspirational looks

📜 List of must-haves


And, to top it off, a bonus treat:

💄 A beginner's everyday nude makeup tutorial, absolutely FREE!


Let's boost your style game!"

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Shopping strategy


Ever found yourself wandering the mall for hours, overwhelmed by endless choices? If that sounds familiar, you're in for a treat!

Our goal? Equip you with the wisdom on shapes, colors, fabrics, and lengths, so your shopping trips are all about informed decisions. We'll embark on a shopping tour, hitting the spots that perfectly align with your style, your vibes, and your budget. Shopping's never been this breezy! 🛍️

Here's what's on the menu:

🔍 Personal Evaluation

📏 Shape Diagnosis

🌈 Color Analysis

👚 Style Revelation

⏳ A 3-hour shopping tour

And as a cherry on top, you'll score a StyleME reusable bag! 🎁


Let's shop smart!

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