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Online Services & Freebies

Unlock Your Style Potential with StyleME Freebies!

Hey there, fashion enthusiast! Are you ready to embark on an exciting style journey? I've got a treat just for you—three incredible freebies that will transform your fashion game:

🥑🥜🍇🥖🍎 Body Shape Diagnosis:
Ever wondered which styles perfectly complement your body shape? Our free body shape diagnosis will unveil the secrets, ensuring you look and feel your best.

🧡💛💚💙💜 Color Analysis:

Discover the colors that make you radiate confidence and glow with vitality. Our free color analysis will help you choose hues that harmonize with your unique complexion.

👢👡👠👟👞 Style Revelation:

Unearth your personal style identity with our free style revelation. Find out what truly resonates with you and redefine your fashion choices.

Ready to claim your freebies? Here's how:

Click here to contact us and let us know which of our online services you're interested in. You can also reach out via email or WhatsApp.

Getting to know you

Look out for an email with a questionnaire. Simply fill it out, and we'll receive your responses through Google Forms.

check your 

Within the first 48 hours, you'll receive your special gift straight to your inbox!

Let's make a video call

But that's not all! Dive deeper into style wisdom with our online services or indulge in a personal styling digital book. For an even deeper connection, schedule a 30-minute Q&A video call with me. Your questions, my answers – let's connect!

Get in contact

virtual shopper
for makeup

Imagine having a makeup expert assist your online shopping experience from home. Try our Virtual Shopper service! We analyze your face shape and skin tone*, curate personalized shopping lists, and recommend top products for your style and budget.

Get ready for effortless makeup shopping!

Here is what you get:

👩‍🦰 A detailed analysis of your face features. 

🎨 Your own customized color palette.

📃 A personal shopping list with direct links to each recommended item (tailored to your country). 

To top it off, upon completing this service, you'll receive 🎁 a complimentary everyday nude makeup tutorial, perfect for beginners!


*Please note that in some cases, I may request additional photos to ensure the best possible results. There are instances where an accurate evaluation of skin color may be challenging. 


I need this

Virtual event

Invitations to weddings, professional events, charity galas, blind dates, or birthdays are moments when you want to shine. Your confidence and impressive appearance are top priorities at StyleME.

This service includes: ​

🔍 Body shape diagnosis

👗Up to three different outfit proposals

🛍️ Visual representation of your shopping bag
🔗 Weblinks to each item

And that's not all! For a limited time only, enjoy:

💇‍♀️💄 Personalized hair and makeup suggestions to complement your look.

I am here to make your special moments unforgettable and your confidence soar! 

I want this

virtual shopper
for clothing

Looking for expert guidance while shopping for clothing? Look no further! StyleME Online Personal Shopper service is your ultimate solution.

We kick-start with a digital assessment to uncover your unique body shape and color palette. Armed with this knowledge, I'll assemble a stunning wardrobe tailored just for you – all within your budget.

What's included:

🌈 Color analysis

🔍 Body shape diagnosis

🛍️ Personalized shopping list

🔗 Direct weblinks to each item

But that's not all! Book this service now, and you'll receive The Color Combination Guide as a special gift🎁 to perfect your style.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your wardrobe effortlessly. Let's get started! 

I am ready for this

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